Real-Time Web Data Solutions


Innovative solutions built to extract Internet data for your business to make intelligent decisions.
  • Accurate, cost-effective & quick to deploy
  • Scalable solutions to handle complex projects
  • Enhanced business intelligence, data quality, scoring and consistency

With over ten years of direct experience and accumulated knowledge, Snowcap has a deep understanding of their customers’ special needs in risk, marketing and financial segments to provide them with the right web solutions. Our solutions get smarter with the exponential growth of the Internet and ever changing environment.


Snowcap services are designed with flexible options to meet your specific data needs. The data output is generated in a format compatible to your database.


Database Hygiene

A solution which helps you update, clean, and enrich your business database or customer list. We use an automatic batch process for correcting or removing poor quality, out-of-date, incomplete, incorrect or improperly formatted data from b2b databases. We process website addresses, contact persons, phone and fax numbers, email addresses, social media links and more.

URL Enrich

A simple One-Step process of enriching b2b data files. These files contain extracted URL data from company websites. The output file includes the enriched URL data compatible to your database architecture.


Snowcap data products and monitoring services can be tailor-made to suit your specific requirements, provided the Internet data is publicly available and is compliant with the owner's terms of service.


Take a look at our process here and read some examples.

Financial Ticker

A customized solution where Snowcap harvests financial information and opinions about public companies from blogs, news boards or other sources available on the Internet.

Shareholder Tracker

A solution that monitors the list of major shareholders in a publicly traded company.

Public Transport

A highly customizable solution to extract timetables and add frequency data to an existing public transport data solution.


Website Monitor

Snowcap can monitor a single or a group of websites or portals for “triggers" or "events”. Changes on websites will trigger an alert and automatically update the database real-time.



Price Comparison

Quickly look up what your competitors are charging for similar products and services.

Industry: Retail & Marketing
Clients: Online retailers and solution providers
Case: Today marketers and retailers are in need of business intelligence ...



A collaborative process from beginning to end.


Our team begins by analyzing the actionable Internet data. It validates the sources for data extraction. All the requirements are defined and documented. And finally, the service level agreement sign off.

  • Contract Sign off


Our technical team will program within our proprietary environment to extract the relevant data from the designated web sources. The list of attributes is verified by the business owners before programming for surface and deep level crawling.

  • Module Design or customization of “off-the-shelf” Module
  • Confirm final list of attributes
  • Initiate data exchange


Crawling begins, the data is extracted, verified and scored. The output files are refined with the adjustments to comply with project requirements. During testing, sample data is shared with the customers for user acceptance and verification.

  • Sign Off on Testing
  • Sign Off on Data Output & Quality


Project goes live. Feedback and escalation loop is established. If new attributes are introduced or removed, the process will return to the development phase for testing and verification.

  • Sign Off On Feedback And Escalation Plan


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