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Here is a list of our “off-the-shelf” products. These are developed to provide your business with useful and structured data elements from the Internet. They are ready to be implemented and do not require any in-house infrastructure.

POS Database

This is a real-time database which has extensive point-of-sale retail information, available for both Germany and USA. The list includes company name, address, phone numbers, hours of operations and proprietor contact information.

Auto Switcher

This product extracts a daily updated list of car and truck transactions including sellers’ information posted on dedicated websites for used cars. The data is used as “trigger” information to create special target group lists.

Executive Tracker

A tool which captures published names of companies' key executives and directors to identify and establish relationships between individuals and their association with the businesses. (Available in EU only)

Company Dossier

A document consisting of aggregated data available on the Internet about a specific company. This information is used for general company monitoring, quick valuations and marketing activities.

I-Call Check

“Telephone Number Check” offers a service to authenticate phone numbers in large quantities. We confirm the existence and verify connectivity of the phone numbers.

Employment Monitor

This product extracts the list of employment opportunities posted on company websites and dedicated online recruitment sites. The product is extensively used by the temporary employment agencies to sell their service to corporations.



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