Price Comparison


Quickly look up what your competitors are charging for similar products and services.

Industry:   Retail & Marketing

Clients: Online retailers & solution providers

Case: Today marketers and retailers are in need of business intelligence to stay ahead of their game. A variety of Internet sources can reveal information such as price comparison (or competitive pricing) found published by each of your competitors. The input may be a single product or thousands of products. See an example of real-time data extraction across multiple websites with a variety of user-interfaces and content.

Requirement:  The “Price Comparison” service can perform on-demand deep Internet crawls from a pre-defined set of sources based on extracting pricing information from thousands of items with numerous variables (“Elements”). We deploy our URL Extractor module to extract all of the relevant unstructured data, related to the basic items. The unstructured data is then structured (parsed) and then deposited into the production process which tags the data by the various Elements and then delivered daily/weekly/monthly into a database for retrieval by our customers

Our Product Brand & Highlight:  ‘Price Comparison’

The price comparison service is built for on-demand access to published pricing information from the Internet across multiple sources and is based on a variety of Elements for thousands of different products.


  • Designed for user input based on a variety of Elements. (E.g. Seiko, Men’s gold, automatic, wristwatch)
  • Service is flexible to be used as a monitoring service for changes in pricing for select items.
  • Setup for data to be refreshed on a daily basis.
  • Total development and QA time before deployment (2) months


  • Cost savings over 300% from manual to automation
  • Flexible to expand to additional web sources and products & services
  • Easy to use. Simple GUI interface for basic data entry
  • Real-time competitive information to properly price products and services.
  • Increase in sales


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